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Meeting the specific travel demands of our travelers


From the misty Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park you will leave on foot for an unforgettable experience.

Mountain gorillas can be found in three countries in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda,
and Democratic republic of Congo).

Almost half of that population calls Uganda their home. Their numbers have been slowly increasing over the year and their population reaches just over 1000 individuals. Getting up close with a silverback is truly a once in a lifetime experience (or maybe more than once) and gives us a glimpse of the social bonds within a gorilla family.

The trek towards the family can be pretty rough and tough but the reward at the
end of the trek exceeds your physical efforts.


In Uganda there are many sites where you can approach our closest relative in the animal kingdom on foot. Budongo,
Kyambura, Kalinzu and of course the world renowned Kibale forest.

Kibale houses approximately 1500 chimpanzees and is one of the scientific
strongholds in Africa for the study of this fascinating creature.

Before you can see them, you will hear them crying, shouting, and rumbling through the
forest. Witnessing their energetic character and social interactions between various members of the group is on the one hand greatly entertaining and on the other hand fascinating. Whereas the gorillas tend to have a more easy- going, relaxed and laid-back demeanor, chimpanzees are a lively bunch and lead a very active existence.

Step into the forest because you will not regret the Chimp tracking in Uganda.


Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda is truly a wonderful Park.

uffalos, Ugandan Cobs, elephants, and the occasional leopard roam the park’s plains, but the Park is also quite famous for its tree
climbing lions.

Why did lions adapt this behavior ? Is it to avoid irritating insects? Do they climb to be in the shade and enjoy the cool breeze which rustles through the branches? Or does it offer them a better vantage point in
order to find prey ?

The discussion between experts continues, but in the meantime we can be amazed by this atypical behavior.


A safari on a boat is the ultimate ‘bush experience’. On the Kazinga channel, which connects lake George and Lake Edward, your safari senses will be highly stimulated.

The 40 kilometer channel boasts arguable
the biggest concentration of hippo’s in Africa and buffalo and elephant sightings are very common.

Moreover, it is a birder’s paradise. Peering avidly through your binoculars will make you discover plenty of colorful birds flying along the Kazinga shores.

This boat trip is a must on every Ugandan itinerary and taking a turn at Kazinga in Queen Elizabeth Park is a no brainer for safari enthusiasts.

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