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Meeting the specific travel demands of our travelers


Who was not dreamed of visiting the renowned Delta?
The Okavango River which has its source in the highlands of Angola, descends slowly but surely towards the Kalahari Desert and forms one of the most impressive wetlands in Africa.

Filled with wildlife, stunning
landscapes this region gives you the ultimate Africa feel.

Driving through the sandy, muddy pathways and making a stop to look at a herd of elephants, a leopard up in the tree or a pack of wild dogs running past the
vehicle is just delightful.

The Delta is an absolute favorite for the avid safari enthusiast. Don’t miss out!

+ chobe national park

This reserve is another diamond of a safari
destination. It houses possibly the highest concentration of elephants in Africa and due to its location alongside the Chobe river, you will be able to go on safari in a 4X4 vehicle but also on a boat in order to view the
game alongside the river.

Its Savuti region is famous for the ‘Marsh Pride’. These lions have mastered the skill to hunt elephants and this behavior is unique on the African continent.

There is just nothing better than being on a boat, listening to the fish eagle cry and revel in the great wildlife viewings Chobe National Park has to offer.


Fancy a visit to one of the largest salt flats in the entire world ? Then the Makgadikgadi pans are up there. The pans are certainly worth a visit during the dry season when the zebra and wildebeest herds make their way to the Boteti River.

The occasional baobab tree disrupting the landscape gives this territory a special

Experience the pans’ true remoteness and be amazed by its stunning scenery. During the rainy season the salt flats fill up with water
and become a birder’s paradise as many birds flock towards the pans.

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