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The endless plains of the Serengeti need no introduction. Home to the greatest trek or migration of wildebeest and plains’ zebras and one of the last strongholds of the African lion, it is a true safari galore.

Whether you are driving in a 4X4 or flying in an air balloon the Serengeti never disappoints.

This park is maybe the quintessential safari destination in Africa and you should at least visit this magical place once in your lifetime.

It boasts probably the best wildlife viewings of the continent, and it is 15000 square kilometer of pure bliss. In a nutshell, all the safari roads lead to the Serengeti so make sure you catch that 4X4.


Named after the sound of the cow bells in the Maa language (Maasai), this geological wonder is most likely the spot with the biggest wildlife concentration in Africa.

The caldera is one of the seven wonders of Africa and when you descend from the caldera walls to start your safari, you will understand why. Once a gigantic volcano,
now it is home to an abundant amount of wildlife roaming its plains, forest, marshes,
and salt flats. Famous for its population of black rhino, this conservancy area gives you a great chance to come up close with this pachyderm.

During a trip in the Ngorongoro your senses will constantly be stimulated because the surface area is roughly 260 square kilometers and most of the animals are trapped within the caldera itself as steep walls make exiting a rather difficult task.

So, why wait? Take that flight to Tanzania and roam freely in one of the seven wonders of Africa.


Perhaps one of the most mythical tribes in Africa, the Maasai and especially its
warriors have always appealed to the imagination of a great many explorers and

Their brave nature, their relationship with their cattle and the deep-rooted traditions of their society gives the Maasai almost legendary status.

To visit a Manyatta, to meet the Maasai people and to learn about their ways is a very enriching experience.

Discover and interact with the Maasai during your trip to Tanzania and it will give you
some perspective on tribal life in Africa in general.


Do hunter gatherers still exist ? Do they still live according to their original lifestyle? Yes, come and visit the Hadza around Lake Eyasi and you will find one of Africa’s oldest populations maintaining their age-old traditions.

Learn about social practices, their rites and go on a hunt with the Hadza. They are experts of their environment, and they will show you how to make the most of the surrounding nature.

They will teach you about traditional medicine, dowry practices and life in the bush in general. They are a truly remarkable people with a deep connection to Mother Nature as they hold a mirror of past times.

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