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About Rare Earth tours

Rare Earth Travels is an a la carte travel company which was founded
in order to meet the specific travel demands of our travelers.
We provide tailor-made holidays all over Africa and put our main focus on authenticity. We pride ourselves in offering experiences
which go beyond the beaten tourist track. 

The co-founder of Rare Earth Tours, Ruben Coussement, moved to Africa in 2011. Originally from Belgium, he has always been intrigued and passionate about the Mother Continent. From the beginning it was clear that Africa would be his new base. In 2009 he crossed the Sahara desert on a motorcycle and went exploring in West-Africa.
This first initiation was a stepping stone towards settling in Cape Town, South Africa. Becoming more involved in the tourist sector and being able to live his passion with regards to safaris in the national parks and the cultural visits of the local tribes, he decided to try his luck as a tour guide. All fell into place and a job opportunity arose in Namibia where he started working as a national tour guide. After having completed the necessary guiding courses such as the NATH level 4 his ambition was to guide and explore other parts of Africa. Soon after that he added Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Tanzania to his portfolio as a guide and tour operator. Always looking for visits, trips and excursions to provide authentic and lasting memories to his guests, he decided to start a tour operator which offers tailor-made safaris in order to meet the guests's specific demands. He currently resides in Windhoek, Namibia and prefers being on the road guiding his guests through the African Bush. 


Rare Earth Tours prides itself in providing authentic and tailor-made journeys in African. We see travelling as one of the main privileges of our time. Quality and authenticity is our focal point and as a company we go out of our way to make our guests feel involved in
the country and community they are visiting.

Rare Earth Tours strongly believes in the conservation of wildlife and not only works closely with the organizations implementing
the conservation projects but is also involved in
the communities which co-exist with wild animals.

We avoid intrusive tourism and respect the values and traditions of the different tribes and communities we will be visiting. Rare Earth tours pledges to leave a minimal impact during the visits of game reserves and national parks. It is our company’s mission to find travel solutions and propositions for our guests’ holiday demands in order to guarantee the satisfaction of travelers joining Rare earth tours’ journeys. 

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