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If variety is your cup of tea, then Namibia should be the top spot on your
destination’s list.
A country graced by two deserts
(the Namib and Kalahari Desert),
stunning sand dunes,
abundant wildlife, fascinating tribes,
and a welcoming
and hospitable population.

If you enjoy vast, wide, and open spaces, click on the following link, and find out what the highlights are of this mesmerizing country.



This landlocked country is a diamond in the rough. Wildlife enthusiasts should look no further. Between Chobe, Moremi and Kgalagadi Transfrontier park (among many parks in Botswana) you will be able to witness unrivaled wildlife sightings which only the African continent can provide. The mysterious Okavango throws itself in the Kalahari Desert and forms the universally known Okavango Delta.


Feel like a safari? Then click the following link and find out which parks you need to see in Botswana



The great migration, the mighty Kilimanjaro Mountain, the Masaai Tribe,
the Ngorongoro caldera, the Oldupai Gorge and the infinite Serengeti are
the gifts which this African garden of Eden has to offer. Three of the
seven wonders of Africa call Tanzania their home and they are waiting for
you to have a visit. Whether you will be jumping with the Masaai or stuck
between 1,5 million wildebeest on their annual trek, you will not pass a
dull moment in Tanzania.

Click on the link and find out what you cannot miss..



This luscious green nation with its misty rolling hills in the south-west,
the majestic lake Victoria, tree climbing lions, frantic chimpanzees and
silverback royalty has everything to make your journey unforgettable. The
pearl of Africa boasts contrasting landscapes, stunning wildlife, the source
of the Nile River and so much more...

Click on the following link to dream
away about the vast array of visits one can undertake in Uganda.


"During three weeks in 2019 we travelled Namibia with a 4x4 and with the help of an extensive “roadbook” drawn up by Ruben. We were regularly contacted with the following questions: 

"How are you ? Everything all right ? Everything to your liking? “.

We had a fantastic trip thanks to the tailor-made approach of

Rare Earth Tours". 

Vanmoortel family 

"Namibia was my teenage dream: Himba people; Namib dunes; wild animals; ...Fifty years later, with my wife Françoise and a couple of friends, Ruben took care of us as soon as we arrived at the airport. Until dinner on the 13th day, thanks to his knowledge of his country, of the fauna and flora, he shared with all 4 of us his passion for

"guiding" in the wilderness".

Biry family, France

“Namibia-Boswana-Zimbabwe in 2018 then Uganda in 2019: 2 absolutely unforgettable personalized tours. Thanks to his perfect knowledge of the land and the environment but also to the attention he pays to everyone. Rare Earth Tours allowed us to discover the magnificence of the African fauna and landscapes, off the beaten track. Everything is there: the organization, the lodges chosen with great care, the food, the security but also ... the smile, the good humor and the desire to share. See you soon for a 3rd circuit.

Coin family

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