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This programme provides you with the opportunity to do several safaris in the one of the world's most precious eco-systems, will make you discover the great salt pans of the region and ends with the majestic views of the Victoria Falls. Click on the pdf. icon on the right to download the itinerary or find the programme written underneath:

Okavango and Victoria Falls Combo


  • Arrival at Maun international Airport

  • Meeting with your guide

  • Check-in at accommodation



  • Full day 4x4 safari in the Moremi Game reserve


The Moremi Game reserve lies in the heart of the Okavango delta and is arguably one the best wildlife spotting regions in the world. The reserve, which was founded in 1963, is named after the Tswana chief Moremi. Between the Moremi Tongue and the Chief’s island the reserve boasts one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems of the African continent. This results in spectacular game viewing and the recent introduction of both white and black rhinoceros makes it a Big Five destination ( Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhinoceros ). The mixtures of mopane forests, ephemeral waterways, lagoons, pools and open grasslands makes Moremi a top destination if you are looking for a lasting off the beaten track experience.



  • Full day boat safari in the Moremi Game reserve


Departure on a boat trip in order to discover the largest island in the Okavango delta “ Chief’s Island” ( 70 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide ). This patch surrounded by the Okavango river boasts the richest concentration of wildlife in Botswana. The island is a retreat for many animals when the water level of the Okavango rises.


  • 4x4 safari in the Nxai pan

  • Transfer towards Gweta


Makgadikgadi Pan and Nxai pan are some of the largest salt pans (dried up lakes) in the world and offer a unique safari experience. The immaculately white landscape of the pans and the purple greyish barks of the numerous baobabs contrasted with the colors of the mammals that reside in the Park gives this safari experience a surreal feel. The best period to visit this gem of nature is during the rainy season ( December – March ) as many mammals migrate towards this region in order to browse on the fresh and nutrient rich grass after the rains.



  • Afternoon departure for the Ntwetwe pan

  • Visit of the local meerkat colony

  • Quad bike or 4x4 drive on the salt pan

  • Overnight on the Ntwetwe pan


The dried up Ntwetwe pan used to be fed by the Boteti river but after the construction of the Mopipid dam the pan is left permanently dry. The fossil lake is located near the village of Sowa, which means Salt in the tswana language. Famous for its extraordinary moonlike landcape, its mesmerizing night skies and even dunes on the western shore, the pan is a must see for travelers wanting a lasting memory in the African bush.


  • Transfer from Gweta towards Kasane

  • Afternoon boat Safari on the Chobe river


Chobe National Park is one of Botswana’s most famous National Parks. It houses a staggering population of elephants and its nearly 12.000 square kilometers provide a delightful safari experience. The garden of Chobe is a never-ending accumulation of common game, elephants, buffaloes, crocodiles, hippos and so forth. Large numbers of giraffes can be found in the thick mopane forests whereas the riverfront is the place to be in the afternoon as the elephants go for their daily drink. Predators can be found all around, and the park boasts a very healthy population of lions, leopards and even wild dogs. The boat trip is an excellent excursion in order to combine the relaxed holiday vibe with prime wildlife sightings.


  • Early 4x4 morning drive in the park

  • Late afternoon 4x4 drive in the park


Today we leave the riverfront and go deeper into the Mopane forests in order to continue the wildlife spotting experience. The park is also known for the lion prides who have developed a particular hunting strategy. Since the prides are quite important in numbers some of the lions have learned how to hunt subadult elephants. The Savuti region of the park is known as the epicenter of these hunting techniques.


  • Transfer towards Victoria Falls

  • Afternoon visit of Victoria Falls


Victoria Falls or Mosi-oa-tunya ‘ the smoke that thunders ‘ is the number one point of interest in Zimbabwe. The falls determine the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia and can be visited from both sides. However, the Zimbabwe side is more worth-wile as it offers an excellent vantage point on the racing Zambezi river which plunges into the profound abyss of the Victoria falls. Named after the British Queen Victoria by David Livingstone this great curtain of falling water has to be a must on every travelers holiday agenda. The 1708 meter width of the cataract makes it the world’s largest waterfalls and the spray engendered by this force of nature can be seen from far away.


  • Flight of Angels / helicopter flight over Vic Falls

  • Afternoon at leisure


A morning helicopter journey in order to obtain some unrivalled and spectacular views of  the majestic Victoria Falls. An excellent opportunity to get the full width and height of the falls into a great perspective within the surrounding environment

Day 10 : RETURN

  • Transfer towards Vic Falls Airport

  • Return to your home country

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